About the Institute

The mission of the AIAP is to advance the practice of appellate advocacy by fostering a nationwide network of highly skilled appellate attorneys to engage in professional development, become an established· resource for those desiring to retain appellate representation, and promote collegiality and cooperation among its members.

To further its mission of advancing the practice of appellate advocacy, the AIAP has adopted a process for certification of appellate specialists. The standards for certification are high. Attorneys must demonstrate substantial involvement and special competence in appellate law and submit references from appellate judges and practitioners. Applications must be approved by the AIAP Certification Committee, which is composed of highly regarded LCA Fellows with extensive appellate experience. Upon confirmation, the successful applicant may identify himself or herself as "Certified by the American Institute of Appellate Practice as an Appellate Specialist." The AIAP governing board believes that certification will be a notable accomplishment and will confirm to colleagues, judges and clients that the attorney is a leader in the specialized practice of appellate law.


LCA Spring 2017 Conference & Celebration of Fellows

La Fonda on the Plaza
Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 3-5, 2017