Benefits of Membership

The American Institute of Appellate Practice (AIAP) was conceived and formed by a group of appellate practitioners from across the country who are also members of the Litigation Counsel of America (LCA). Together with the LCA, these six Co-Founders decided to create an institute under the auspices of the LCA that would enable appellate practitioners to work together to advance the practice of appellate advocacy and foster communication and cooperation among appellate lawyers everywhere. The AIAP envisions providing contacts, resources, camaraderie and additional education to its members. Additionally, the AIAP has also developed a certification process whereby a qualified member can apply for and achieve certification as appellate specialist from the AIAP. The hope is that by joining the AIAP, the appellate practitioner will be able to further develop and enjoy the practice of appellate law.

Among trial bars there are well-recognized certifications honoring exceptional lifetime professional accomplishments. The members of The American Institute of Appellate Practice determined that lawyers and judges with exceptional lifetime professional accomplishments in appellate practice should likewise be certified. Hence the members carefully studied, reflected and then settled upon exceedingly stringent criteria for recognition of the very best of the lawyers and judges at the pinnacle of the appellate bar. The result: peer reviewed screening of Litigation Counsel of America Fellows who met the strict certification criteria and thereby earned the honor of Certification as an Appellate Specialist by The American Institute of Appellate Practice.

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Requirements for Certification